Kiyohiko Azuma's Yotsuba&! manga.

Kiyohiko Azuma, "Yotsuba&! 12"

2013-12-01 · in Books, Yotsuba&! · 19 words

(Quite a change from Flashman!)

I'm impressed that the artwork just continues to improve in this series.

Kiyohiko Azuma, "Yotsuba&! 11"

2013-05-24 · in Books, Yotsuba&! · 7 words

The Yen Press English version.

Kiyohiko Azuma, "Yotsuba&! 11"

2012-09-09 · in Books, Yotsuba&! · 63 words

This is Kurokawa's French translation -- I was at a conference in Orléans, browsing FNAC while waiting for a train, and spotted this on the shelf a couple of months before the Yen Press version was available. (I guessed correctly that it'd not be hard to follow in a language I vaguely know... I only needed a dictionary a couple of times!)

Kiyohiko Azuma, "Yotsuba&! 10"

2012-01-20 · in Books, Yotsuba&! · 2 words

Kiyohiko Azuma, "Yotsuba&! 9"

2012-01-18 · in Books, Yotsuba&! · 26 words

Yen Press have started to translate more of the in-frame text (e.g. signs) with this book, which I think is generally a good idea.

Kiyohiko Azuma, "Yotsuba&! 7" and "Yotsuba&! 8"

2012-01-17 · in Books, Yotsuba&! · 22 words

Wildly inappropriate advertising in the back! I guess this isn't the sort of series Yen Press usually covers...

Kiyohiko Azuma, "Yotsuba&! 6"

2012-01-16 · in Books, Yotsuba&! · 37 words

The content's great, but a couple of quibbles with the translation: translating "chan" every time isn't all that useful, but on the other hand, explaining Yotsuba's O__O expression would probably have been a good idea...

Kiyohiko Azuma, "Yotsuba&! 5"

2012-01-15 · in Books, Yotsuba&! · 2 words

Kiyohiko Azuma, "Yotsuba&! 3" and "Yotsuba&! 4"

2012-01-05 · in Books, Yotsuba&! · 4 words

Kiyohiko Azuma, "Yotsuba&! 2"

2012-01-02 · in Books, Yotsuba&! · 2 words