The Falco books by Lindsay Davis.

Lindsey Davis, "The Accusers"

2012-09-22 · in Books, Falco · 9 words

This one's very good -- Falco legal drama.

Lindsey Davis, "The Jupiter Myth"

2012-09-17 · in Books, Falco · 16 words

Some good set pieces. All in all it works, but it's not terribly exciting.

Lindsey Davis, "A Body in the Bath House"

2012-08-30 · in Books, Falco · 13 words

Better than average, this one -- it's set at Fishbourne in England.

Lindsey Davis, "Ode to a Banker"

2012-07-21 · in Books, Falco · 2 words

Lindsey Davis, "One Virgin Too Many"

2012-07-14 · in Books, Falco · 14 words

I was curious as to whether the title was a Cadfael reference...

Lindsey Davis, "Two for the Lions"

2012-06-16 · in Books, Falco · 34 words

I wish these books had endings! Good detail though. (Also, the rant about unlikely coincidences in mysteries is amusing... given the number of these that have been used in the previous books!)

Lindsey Davis, "Three Hands in the Fountain"

2012-06-10 · in Books, Falco · 21 words

I get the impression that Lindsey Davis is a Frontinus fan. His book on aqueducts is indeed quite interesting.

Lindsey Davis, "A Dying Light in Corduba"

2012-05-22 · in Books, Falco · 5 words

Falco in Spain.

Lindsey Davis, "Time to Depart"

2012-05-16 · in Books, Falco · 5 words

Good gritty mystery.

Lindsey Davis, "Last Act in Palmyra"

2012-05-11 · in Books, Falco · 11 words

Suitably entertaining. Lots of detail and a good mystery.