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2018-12-26 wishlist Update wishlist.
2018-12-26 index Remove obsolete OpenID links.
2018-12-26 code/rawdog/ rawdog 2.23.
2018-09-03 fi2018-macropha... The macrophage paper has now been published.
2018-07-23 code/xpopple/ Flesh out xpopple's description a bit more. It now works with a wider range of Poppler versions.
2018-07-02 articles/rediff... Update Mastervision link.
2018-06-19 wishlist Update wishlist.
2018-03-22 fi2018-macropha... Add preprint of the macrophage paper with Paul Kaye et al.
2018-03-22 di2018-openfore... Add paper with Ethan and Ian in Digital Investigation.
2018-02-27 wishlist Assorted wishlist updates.

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