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2014-10-10 naco2014-morpho... Add a Natural Computing paper that we've just had published. This will need updating with page numbers etc. once Springer decide them.
2014-10-10 naco2012-boldly Add a DOI for our 2012 Natural Computing paper.
2014-10-05 books/20141003-...
Review "The Confusion" and "Ring Resounnding".
2014-10-05 recipes/whitesa... Fix link to Mark's recipe.
2014-09-28 buylist
Post-birthday wishlist updates -- thanks Amber!
2014-09-15 code/rawdog/ rawdog 2.20.
2014-09-03 books/20140902-... Review "Quicksilver".
2014-09-03 books/20050622-... "The System of the World" should be in the Baroque Cycle series.
2014-09-03 code/freedt/ freedt 23. No huge changes; just tidying.
2014-08-27 notes/tcd709-re... Add a link to a similar article with some more photos.

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