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2017-09-15 wishlist Add a few more items.
2017-09-15 notes/amix-harm... Fix the harmonica tuning tables. The Python Markdown module doesn't like tables with an empty final column, it appears.
2017-09-15 index Update the list of bands I play with.
2017-09-15 style/text.css Add some more useful stuff to my text style.
2017-09-15 code/garstow/ Fix typo.
2017-09-15 notes/archiving... Fix copy-and-paste error.
2017-03-02 sadfe2016-strin... Add SADFE 2016 paper with Ethan.
2017-01-01 wishlist Add "Business is Fun".
2017-01-01 wishlist Post-Christmas update. Thanks all!
2017-01-01 wishlist Ordered Organissimo album.

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