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2014-04-15 notes/delta-101... Write up my Delta 1010LT repair.
2014-04-15 recipes/basque Update my chicken basque recipe.
2014-04-15 books/20140212-... Fix a typo.
2014-04-15 books/20140413-...
Review another two Sector General books.
2014-04-12 recipes/richric... Fix a typo.
2014-04-12 recipes/
Reproduce two original versions of the "Rich Rice Pudding" recipe. Both are available as scans on archive.org.
2014-04-12 recipes/rice Add Alexis Soyer's plain rice instructions to my collection.
2014-04-12 books/20140301-... Fix editing error.
2014-04-12 books/20140412-... Review "The Galactic Gourmet".
2014-04-09 code/misccode/ Add a bunch of programs to the misccode page. This includes: davsync, git-import-snapshots, honda-index, inplace, kewego-get, objdump-rel-addr, repdf, routermeter, termbar, tidy-imported-git, and watchdir.c.

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