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2015-12-28 wishlist Post-Christmas wishlist update.
2015-12-24 wishlist More books for the wishlist.
2015-12-24 wishlist Remove some books I've now got.
2015-12-24 notes/use-funct... My use function is now a little fancier. Update the article about it.
2015-08-30 buylist Bought a CD.
2015-08-30 recipes/
Add Dundee Red Chilli recipe.
2015-07-18 code/rawdog/ rawdog 2.21.
2015-06-02 recipes/
Update the FiveGeeks Chilli Pie recipe for 2015. I'd forgotten how good this recipe is...
2015-06-02 music/recorded/ Add dates to recordings, and re-order. Given that these now span ten years, and I don't sing my own stuff any more, I think it's worth putting the more recent (less cringe-worthy) ones first.
2015-06-02 notes/vodafone-... Note on modem mode-switching. Unfortunately my Vodafone modem seems to have died, so there's not much more I can do with this article...

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