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2015-01-01 wishlist One more Christmas gift -- thanks M&D!
2014-12-25 wishlist Post-Christmas wishlist updates -- thanks to S, A and C families!
2014-12-20 wishlist Wishlist updates -- thanks, David!
2014-11-29 style/text.css Add a simpler stylesheet for text. I've been using this for things like my junk page...
2014-11-19 code/potamus/ potamus 16.
2014-11-04 code/xpopple/ Add Gentoo credit. Looking at the Debian patches, some of them came from Gentoo's xpdf-poppler package.
2014-11-04 code/tock/
Add various links to the Tock and xpopple pages. I wrote these while sitting on a train without Internet access earlier...
2014-11-04 code/oak/
Turn EPSRC grant numbers into links.
2014-11-04 software Update the software page.
2014-11-04 code/
Add a page for xpopple.

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