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2014-08-27 notes/tcd709-re... Add a link to a similar article with some more photos.
2014-08-27 notes/tcd709-re... Add a note about which connector I'm talking about. (Thanks to the reader who suggested this!)
2014-08-23 notes/clip-repa... Add an article on repairing Sansa Clip+ headphone sockets.
2014-08-23 notes/speedtouc... Add an article on reviving the frog.
2014-08-16 wishlist Add another book.
2014-08-16 wishlist Bought this album at a concert.
2014-08-09 books/20140808-... Review "Cryptonomicon". I'm not sure whether to be more worried that I'd not read this in ten years, or that I got through it in five days this time...
2014-08-03 books/20140802-...
Review the other two Escapist volumes.
2014-08-01 wishlist Add some more wishlist items. Hey, look, Iain Pears wrote a book in 2009 that I don't have yet...
2014-08-01 index Add Shackleton's Banjo.

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