Richard Morgan's series starring Takeshi Kovacs.

Richard Morgan, "Woken Furies"

2010-02-28 · in Books, Takeshi Kovacs · 17 words

Packs a lot in. There's an awful lot of death here even by Morgan's standards.

Richard Morgan, "Broken Angels"

2008-08-04 · in Books, Takeshi Kovacs · 64 words

Unlike the first Kovacs novel, this one stuck in my mind for particular images rather than the overarching plot: it's never going to be made into a film, but it'd have some spectacularly post-apocalyptic scenes in it if it did. (The trick is to carefully engineer the apocalypse, of course.)

Grabbed me enough to buy the next one, which is also good.

Richard Morgan, "Altered Carbon"

2007-09-17 · in Books, Takeshi Kovacs · 69 words

Hard SF detective novel, in a world where everybody carries around a backup device for their mind; this makes death more of an inconvenience than a problem, and means that murder victims can hire detectives, provided they've got the cash for a new body. Often very dark, but the writing's good enough that I'll put up with the unpleasantness; I'll be looking out for more of these.