Charles Stross's Laundry novels.

Charles Stross, "The Apocalypse Codex"

2013-12-17 · in Books, The Laundry · 30 words

Another solid outing for our favourite computational demonologist: the Laundry takes on a suspiciously effective church group. There appears to be Serious Plot going on in the background...

Charles Stross, "The Fuller Memorandum"

2013-12-14 · in Books, The Laundry · 62 words

Bob (O. F.?) Howard's adventures in computational demonology continue in this series' usual action-satire vein. I particularly liked the elaborate setup for a pun on "preta"...

It's hard to talk about the plot without spoiling it, which is presumably is why the back-cover blurb's more vague than usual. Also, who's that meant to be on the cover (other than Bob)?

Charles Stross, "The Jennifer Morgue"

2012-08-11 · in Books, The Laundry · 19 words

Neat -- mad SF rather than just comedy. More interesting background. Hope Ramona comes back for future instalments.

Charles Stross, "The Atrocity Archives"

2012-08-04 · in Books, The Laundry · 29 words

Highly amusing. Probably less amusing if you aren't an asr reader, although the series gets less in-jokey as it progresses. Has an interesting Did The Homework appendix.