Linda Barnes' mysteries starring Carlotta Carlyle.

Linda Barnes, "Lie Down with the Devil"

2012-06-26 · in Books, Carlotta Carlyle · 8 words

Darker. Continued experimentation with different viewpoints.

Linda Barnes, "Heart of the World"

2012-06-25 · in Books, Carlotta Carlyle · 11 words

Dark. First attempts at non-first-person; not sure this works.

Linda Barnes, "Deep Pockets"

2012-06-24 · in Books, Carlotta Carlyle · 16 words

Good. Detailed. Bit implausible -- one character goes from being very subtle to very stupid.

Linda Barnes, "The Big Dig"

2012-06-22 · in Books, Carlotta Carlyle · 2 words

Linda Barnes, "Flashpoint"

2012-06-18 · in Books, Carlotta Carlyle · 2 words

Linda Barnes, "Cold Case"

2012-06-17 · in Books, Carlotta Carlyle · 43 words

Possibly the best of these yet.

The sudden appearance of Internet references in the series makes the odd chronology stick out -- and Carlotta's A2000 is doing very well if she's running Netscape on it, or perhaps Sam's bought her something else...

Linda Barnes, "Hardware"

2012-06-01 · in Books, Carlotta Carlyle · 93 words

This is how to do hacker culture in a non-technical book and get it right. I was a bit surprised not to see Bruce Sterling or someone listed as a contributor -- it's spot on, if a few years out of date (Frank gives Carlotta an Amiga 2000... in 1995?).

... hah -- yes -- "The Hacker Crackdown" definitely was a reference; the list of filenames near the end is quoted from there! So that's where the A2000 came from -- there's a bit in THC where a forensics expert describes it as her ideal machine.

Linda Barnes, "Snapshot"

2012-05-30 · in Books, Carlotta Carlyle · 2 words

Linda Barnes, "Steel Guitar"

2012-05-28 · in Books, Carlotta Carlyle · 35 words

More Chris Smither references (which is how I got interested in the series in the first place!). Unsurprisingly, searching for the song that the book's named after turns up a cover by him...

Linda Barnes, "Coyote"

2012-05-27 · in Books, Carlotta Carlyle · 2 words