Tad Williams' Otherland series.

Tad Williams, "Sea of Silver Light"

2011-10-06 · in Books, Otherland · 19 words

Less fun than previous books, with a bit of a predictable ending. Still some good ideas, though.

Tad Williams, "Mountain of Black Glass"

2011-09-27 · in Books, Otherland · 14 words

(Not "Black Grass", as the synopsis in the next book calls it!)

Tad Williams, "River of Blue Fire"

2011-09-27 · in Books, Otherland · 2 words

Tad Williams, "City of Golden Shadow"

2011-07-18 · in Books, Otherland · 66 words

A sprawling cyberpunk mystery. The author's clearly in for the long haul here: this is the first of four in the series, and it ends on a cliffhanger. I don't think it's really doing anything novel, but it's got lots of good bits; the South African setting is unusual and works well. I do wish the antagonists were a bit less cartoonishly evil, though...