Robin Hobb's "The Soldier Son" trilogy.

Robin Hobb, "Renegade's Magic"

2007-08-27 · in Books, Soldier Son · 111 words

The last in the Soldier Son series. The reviewers on Amazon seem not to have enjoyed this one very much, but I thought it was pretty decent; my only regret was that it really is the end of the series, and it's unlikely to get resurrected in the way the Fitz books were. Anyway, if you've read the previous two books in the series you'll want this one regardless of what I say here, and if you haven't read the previous two books then this won't make any sense at all.

I still don't understand why the newer paperback edition of "Forest Mage" has a fish on it, though.

Robin Hobb, "Forest Mage"

2007-04-01 · in Books, Soldier Son · 99 words

The second book in the Soldier Son series. I can't really describe the plot without giving away much of the surprise, but suffice it to say this is an excellent instalment of a series which I would unreservedly recommend; I continue to be impressed by Hobb's talents for description, plotting and, above all, character invention. And now I have to wait until July for the third book -- hrmph!

(My only complaint? The paperback edition is the same size as the hardback, much larger than the paperback version of the first book, so I can't shelve them together...)

Robin Hobb, "Shaman's Crossing"

2006-10-15 · in Books, Soldier Son · 99 words

The first of Robin Hobb's new series -- and I know I wasn't the only one afraid that it might not match the standard set by the Farseer books. Fortunately it does; Hobb sticks to the pattern that worked so well in the Fitz books -- first-person throughout, extremely strong main character, detailed and varied world -- and the result's a joy to read. (Yes, Nevare is irritating at times, but so was Fitz...)

Of course, the downside is that I now have to wait until February for the next book to come out in paperback. Curse you, publishing industry!