Tobias Buckell's Nanagada series.

Tobias S. Buckell, "Ragamuffin"

2011-05-01 · in Books, Nanagada · 59 words

Followup to Crystal Rain. Aha, so this series is actually space opera: we get to see the wider galaxy that Nanagada was cut off from in the first book. The first section's pretty impressive in itself; I'll not spoil the rest of it. Recommended if you like Alastair Reynolds and would prefer something a bit more succinct.

Tobias Buckell, "Crystal Rain"

2011-03-13 · in Books, Nanagada · 60 words

Aztec- and Carribean-influenced cultures conflict on an Earth-like colonised world that's desperately trying to claw its way back up the technology ladder after a minor apocalypse. The mix of cultures is a difficult one to pull off convincingly, but Buckell does a great job here with plausible, sympathetic characters on both sides. The series continues; I'll follow it.