The Jupiter SF magazine.

Jupiter XLIV: Kallichore

2014-05-08 · in Books, Jupiter · 99 words

Sam S. Kepfield's Come in Peace — a Russian crew on the moon in an alt-history 1988 — is the strongest story here; nice stuff. Frobisher's Dog and The Polisher by Nicholas Mark Harding is an enthusiastic romp around a Stross-esque idea, in need of a bit of editing. Roderick Gladwish's A Bit of a Mutiny works nicely; it's fluff but in a good way, not taking itself too seriously or spending too long getting to its point. Nobel Worthy by Jeff Pfaller is decently written, but I was disappointed that it went exactly where it looked like it was going...

Jupiter XLIII: Arche

2014-04-28 · in Books, Jupiter · 41 words

This was a bit of a downer-ending issue all round; Carmelo Rafala's A Woman of Light and Steel was my favourite here (sounds like an interesting world; would like an expanded version), and Craig Pay's Spindle Pickers was also pretty good.

Jupiter XLII: Thelxinoe

2014-04-27 · in Books, Jupiter · 38 words

Not as polished as Interzone, but an equally-decent mix of interesting stories. I liked Gordon Ross Lanser's The Long Sleep and Patrick Mahon's Be Careful What You Wish For from this issue — both in the classical SF-story mould.

Jupiter XLI: Aoede

2014-01-01 · in Books, Jupiter · 26 words

Low-budget SF zine, with five short stories in this issue. I particularly liked "Pam" by Peter C. Loftus, and thought the cover art was pretty cool.