Bernard Cornwell's "Starbuck Chronicles" series.

Bernard Cornwell, "Battle Flag"

2010-09-13 · in Books, Starbuck Chronicles · 49 words

Same author, different series — this is the American Civil War one. I didn't enjoy this as much as "Harlequin", probably because it's recent enough that I have real difficulty symphathising with any of the characters. Competent as a work of fictionalised history; less enjoyable as historical adventure.

Bernard Cornwell, "Copperhead"

2007-10-05 · in Books, Starbuck Chronicles · 35 words

The second Starbuck Chronicles book. More of the same, really; it's always nice to read Cornwell's notes at the end and realise how little he had to change to tell an interesting story.

Bernard Cornwell, "Rebel"

2007-09-10 · in Books, Starbuck Chronicles · 44 words

The first non-Sharpe Cornwell that I've read; yep, this is entertaining and detailed enough that I'll want to read more of the series. (Later note: this appears to be true of all Cornwell's writing, unfortunately. Anyone know of a used bookshelf shop?)