Getting hold of me

(This information can be found in machine-readable FOAF format in my FOAF file. You can browse it using FOAF Explorer.)


My email address is <>.

Since I don't believe in making other peoples' lives harder because of spammers, I publish my real address and use passive spam filtering software. (I would, however, very much appreciate it if you don't actively give my address to companies who're likely to spam me!)


For privacy's sake, I'd suggest using OpenPGP encrypted email. My current public key, with key ID 77BFD43C and fingerprint 35DF 723E CD9C 2BFE 8965 1482 5C3E F7FC 77BF D43C, is available from keyservers. I also use this key to sign software released after July 27th, 2013.

Old keys: I used key ID B94D2E95 from November 14th, 1999 to July 26th, 2013, and software released in that period is signed with that key; see the transition statement.


I'm ats on DarkMyst, EFnet and OFTC, and atsampson on freenode.


See Eric Frank Russell's short story "Allamagoosa".