Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson, "Leviathan"

2010-01-21 · in Books, Illuminatus! · 40 words

The last Illuminatus! book, but, I think, the weakest. Triumph of style over substance? I liked the appendices, though, and have filed the list of band names away for future reference (noting that several have been taken already).

Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson, "The Golden Apple"

2010-01-04 · in Books, Illuminatus! · 11 words

Fewer good bits than the first book. Even wackier.

Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson, "The Eye in the Pyramid"

2009-12-30 · in Books, Illuminatus! · 62 words

The first Illuminatus! book. Bought in a charity shop ages ago, and was reminded of it by an Archive on 4 episode about Ken Campbell, who produced a stage version of it. No idea how that would have worked.

Good (spectacularly so) in parts. The overall effect is a bit OTT, but I guess that's what they were aiming for.