Eric Flint's "Assiti Shards" (or "163x") series.

ed. Eric Flint, "Grantville Gazette 3"

2008-11-14 · in Books, Assiti Shards Series · 46 words

More official 163x fanfic; several continue stories from the previous volume. "Hobson's Choice" (news from Grantville reaches Cambridge) stood out for me.

This series appears to be up to its thirty-third volume as I write; wish they'd produce paper versions of more of them...

Eric Flint and Andrew Dennis, "1635: Cannon Law"

2007-01-15 · in Books, Assiti Shards Series · 98 words

Further adventures (how many more ways can I phrase this?) in the Italian branch of the 163x universe. The general tone is much the same as the last Flint/Dennis book; there's a lot of humour, particularly any of the bits involving Rui. I do wonder what fraction of readers would spot the Fawlty Towers parody, although it made me laugh out loud...

I think this series is going to stay consistently good -- again, it's not going to be making it to GCSE English curricula any time soon, but it's a pleasant way of spending an evening.

Eric Flint and Virginia Demarce, "1634: The Ram Rebellion"

2007-01-10 · in Books, Assiti Shards Series · 88 words

A rather splendid entry in the 163x files: how an uptime farmer's land shortage eventually provoked a full-scale political revolution, via an ill-behaved German ram called Brillo and the foundation of a ballet company. This apparently grew from a series of stories originally intended for the Grantville Gazette, and a number of authors are represented inside (with Flint and Demarce being the major contributors and editors). Possibly the best yet -- of course, you will need to have read the preceding books for it to make sense...

ed. Eric Flint, "Grantville Gazette II"

2007-01-07 · in Books, Assiti Shards Series · 95 words

I'm pleased to see that the first Gazette book was popular enough that Baen could continue to publish the rest -- some day someone'll produce a computer screen that's as good as paper for reading in bed, but it hasn't happened yet!

Another anthology of short stories and non-fiction articles about the 163x universe. The highlights for me were "An Invisible War", about getting the Jena university up to speed with 21st-century medicine, and the article on telecommunications systems in the 163x universe. A good read, and I continue to like this format. Recommended.

ed. Eric Flint, "Grantville Gazette"

2005-12-02 · in Books, Assiti Shards Series · 79 words

A collection of miscellaneous writings in the 163x universe: short stories by Flint and others, proving again that the short story form's narrowed focus works well for this series, along with some fascinating factual articles explaining radio, antibiotics and (oddly) horse-breeding in the Grantville context. For fans of this series -- myself included -- this is well worth reading.

This book and further Gazette volumes (not yet available as real books) are also available electronically directly from the publisher.

ed. Eric Flint, "Ring of Fire"

2005-11-27 · in Books, Assiti Shards Series · 46 words

The first collection of short stories set in the 163x universe, and a fascinating read. The short story form seems to work especially well with the setting. Even if you don't like Flint's style, there are probably several stories here that'll interest you. Recommended.

Eric Flint and Andrew Dennis, "1634: The Galileo Affair"

2005-10-15 · in Books, Assiti Shards Series · 56 words

Another romp in the 163x multiverse from Eric Flint. Nobody's ever going to mistake this for great literature, but it's an entertaining and inventive read, expanding on some of the characters introduced in "Ring of Fire" (which I'm still waiting for my copy of). I'm looking forward to future books in the same series.

Eric Flint and David Weber, "1633"

2005-08-29 · in Books, Assiti Shards Series · 46 words

The sequel to "1632", following the next year in the life of Grantville. As the author describes in the afterword, he's building a universe here rather than just a single story, and it works very well indeed.

Available online from the Baen Free Library.

Eric Flint, "1632"

2005-08-23 · in Books, Assiti Shards Series · 68 words

The first of Eric Flint's series of books about a 20th-century American town catapulted back through time to 17th-century Germany. Equal parts science fiction, historical romance and political thriller, Flint's writing is superby detailed -- it's obvious that he's done his research on any of the wide range of topics he chooses to write about -- and great fun to read.

Available online from the Baen Free Library.