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2022-12-31 wishlist Post-Christmas wishlist update.
2022-02-02 code/dumpfloppy... Remove excessive semicolons and brackets.
2021-12-27 wishlist Post-Christmas wishlist update. Thanks all!
2021-10-13 wishlist Post-birthday wishlist update. Thanks very much all!
2021-10-13 index Bands update. Not much happening lately!
2021-10-13 index Job update.
2020-12-31 library/ Use Wikipedia's Special:BookSources for ISBN links. It has a stable URL, and it links to current versions of all the other searches I've used in the past.
2020-12-31 library/ Don't include library RDF files in the web output.
2020-12-31 library/ Remove Canterbury column (from a previous house move).
2020-12-27 buylist
Wishlist update.

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