Download: vdesk-1.2.tar.gz (64K, released 2003-10-09)
Signature (about); SHA1 ca9df56eb7fba6aca4a8f3bea136f7fda3cd305c

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About vdesk

vdesk is a virtual desktop manager, intended for use with window managers that don't provide virtual desktops themselves. It works by mapping and unmapping (i.e. showing and hiding) windows itself when you invoke it to change desktops.

I originally wrote it for use with Decklin Foster's aewm window manager, and Elliott Hughes' speckeysd keygrabber, but it's not tied to those two programs.

Jason Lin pointed out that you can use vdesk with some window managers that do support virtual desktops — such as XFCE's xfwm4 — in which case it will add another "dimension" of virtual desktops (giving you an N by N grid of desktops, rather than an N-long row). This might be useful if you want to have different sets of desktops for different projects. His configuration has launchers configured to do things like vdesk 3 && firefox to launch programs on specific virtual desktops.