Available through Git (Atom feed of changes):
git clone http://offog.org/git/softrig.git

About softrig

softrig is a software-defined radio frontend for SoftRock-style receivers and transceivers, using the DttSP DSP core and the JACK audio system.

Written in Python, softrig has a curses-style interface built using urwid, so it doesn't need an X display. It acts as a rigctl server, meaning that it can be driven as if it were a conventional radio by any application that supports Hamlib — e.g. fldigi.

softrig driving my SoftRock RXTX

softrig can control multiple SoftRock-like devices, and you can have several listeners, tuned to different frequencies, attached to each device — provided they're within the bandwidth covered by the receiver. Each gets their own DttSP instance and rigctl port; you can, for example, run several copies of fldigi listening on different nearby frequencies.