Download: freedt-23.tar.gz (105K, released 2014-09-03)
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About freedt

freedt is a service supervision framework for POSIX operating systems. Most of the tools are independent reimplementations of Dan Bernstein's daemontools.

It currently includes feature-equivalent replacements for argv0, envdir, envuidgid, setlock, setuidgid, softlimit, supervise, svc, svok, svscan, svstat and recordio. It also includes anonidentd (an dummy identd implementation), dumblog (a simple multilog replacement), mkservice (a tool to create service directories), and ratelimit (a bandwidth-limiting filter along the lines of recordio).

freedt should build and work on any reasonably recent POSIX operating system.

Mailing list

There is a mailing list for freedt users and developers, upon which new versions of freedt are announced and discussed.