OAK: the Occam Audio Kit (2005)

Available through Git (Atom feed of changes):
git clone http://offog.org/git/oak.git

The Occam Audio Kit is a library of experimental occam-pi components for doing various audio-related things: music sequencing, sound synthesis and processing. The eventual aim was to provide a framework that could be used to implement software synthesisers and digital effects on Linux systems and embedded devices.

LOVE: the Live Occam Visual Environment (2006)

Available through Git (Atom feed of changes):
git clone http://offog.org/git/love.git

LOVE is a graphical live-programming environment written in occam-pi, using audio synthesis and sequencing components similar to those in OAK. Here's a simple example of a LOVE network that multiplies the output of two sine-wave oscillators, and shows the output on an oscilloscope:

Mixing sine waves in LOVE

You can also see a more complex network with two synthesisers controlled by MIDI sequencers.

The development of OAK and LOVE was partially funded by EPSRC grant EP/P50029X/1.