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About dumpfloppy

This is a suite of tools for reading floppy disks in arbitrary formats supported by the PC floppy controller, and for working with the resulting image files. For image files, it uses the IMD format defined by Dave Dunfield's ImageDisk. You can capture an image with dumpfloppy and then write it back with ImageDisk, or use the dumpfloppy tools to examine or extract an ImageDisk file.

I've used these tools successfully to read a large number of PC, BBC Micro, RM 380Z and Alphatronic PC floppies. The dumpfloppy tool currently requires the Linux floppy device, although it would be relatively straightforward to port to a different OS, provided there's a way of issuing raw commands to the PC floppy controller. The other tools will work on any platform.


dumpfloppy reads a floppy disk, automatically identifying the format, and writes out an IMD file. It automatically retries several times when read errors occur, and displays status output indicating what it's read. The strategy it uses is based on How to identify an unknown disk.

imdcat reads an IMD file, and can display information about it, display a hex dump of the sector data in it, or write the data to a flat file — e.g. for use with an emulator.

floppyinfo reads a set of IMD files and displays a summary of information about their formats and contents, including directory listings when possible. At present, it only understands a very limited range of formats!