2012-05-23 · in Tech Notes · 282 words

As of May 2012, I'm the reasonably-proud owner of a 2001 Honda Stream 2.0 SE. The radio that the car came with didn't have a line input, so my first job was to replace it with one that did...

The original Honda radio had the same kind of connector as the rest of the car's electrical systems, rather than standard ISO 10487 connectors. Adaptors are readily available on eBay.

The service manual can be found online, in HTML format (yay!) using some nasty IE-specific Javascript for navigation (boo!). I wrote the honda-index script to generate a plain HTML index from the files.

The Dashboard Center Panel Removal/Installation section describes how to dismantle the dashboard — in theory. Here's what I actually did:

Removing the gearstick surround