2014-03-31 · in Books, Sector General · 149 words

The third Sector General omnibus. As the introduction points out, Conway is now (mostly) too senior to have adventures, so we have two new protagonists, and more of a focus on O'Mara's psychology department.

Code Blue — Emergency (1987) has substantially stronger writing and characterisation than the earlier stories (helped by not being a fix-up novel), and I really liked the setting. It even passes the Bechdel test!

The Genocidal Healer (1991) is excellent — it goes off in a surprising philosophical direction, albeit one that would have been quite topical at the time, given that James White was from Belfast. It was nice to see Khone getting some of the best lines here.

Again, a POD book; variable print quality and some OCR errors, but probably better on average than the previous two. There's no in-print omnibus of the rest of the series, so I've ordered individual copies...