2010-10-23 · in Books · 176 words

GQRP is a club for people who're interested in low-power, mostly homebrew radio equipment. Their magazine, SPRAT, is published quarterly and contains a dozen or so construction articles submitted by members (along with news and other material); it's always interesting reading.

This book is a collection of SPRAT articles about antennas. It's a bit of a mixed bag, but there's definitely some good stuff in here; lots of options for antenna tuners, and things you probably wouldn't find elsewhere like designs for kites that are sturdy enough to lift longwires. Obviously if you've got the SPRAT archive on CD then you've got all of this already — but there's nothing else to complain about here. Recommended — and if this sounds like the sort of thing that'd be of use to you, then you'll probably want to join GQRP as well (which'll get you a discount on the book too).

(This book wins points for having the largest barcode I've ever seen on the back. I assume the artwork was originally designed for a smaller format!)