2010-05-23 · in Books · 147 words

Probably the oddest cookery book I've read in a while. This is a collection of recipes from an Anglo-Punjabi Sikh family, attempting to document how people actually cook at home, with a decent sprinkling of things invented by accident — and thus we get things like "Daddy's Egg Wrap with HP Sauce" alongside roti and sarson da saag. The recipes here are thoroughly practical — I'm used to having to drastically simplify recipes from books (having grown up cooking from Delia Smith), but the recipes here are things I could actually cook unchanged. I particularly like the extremely minimal set of storecupboard ingredients listed at the start, which'll enable you to make most of the recipes in the book.

The only real complaint I've got is the complete lack of pictures of the recipes in the book — I'd like to see what it's meant to look like!