2009-09-01 · in Books, Commonwealth · 203 words

This is not revolution, Adam, this is my crusade. I am going to fling the corrupter of humanity into the depths of right beyond hell, where even the devil fears to tread. And that will be the least it deserves. I will avenge myself and all the others who have been consumed by the Starflyer's evil.


You have your beliefs and convictions, Adam, I have mine. Please don't mock them, I find it unpleasant. [...]

I'm in two minds about this one.

On one hand, much of the writing here is pretty awful, and the author's habit of comma-splicing random sentences together never stopped grating for me. A decent copyediting would have helped — but judging by the number of remaining errors and typos, this book never got one.

On the other hand, this is an intricate, ambitious story set in a neatly-crafted and fairly unusual world (an interplanetary railway system!), and it has the odd moment of sheer brilliance — I particularly liked the landing on Mars, and the first description of the Prime aliens. I might not be convinced by Ozzie or Paula's voices, but they're certainly interesting characters.

The next book in the series is now waiting in my in-pile...