2004-03-29 · in Books · 134 words

As the introduction says, this book isn't trying to be anything more than a fast-paced thriller, and it certainly succeeds; the pacing's fine, the setting's quite interesting (and consistent), and (aside from the overarching premise of the book, which is downright silly) the situations and characters are fairly believable.

It's let down somewhat by really dodgy science, though. I'm prepared to suspend belief for the aliens-come-to-Earth backstory and the technology they've brought with them, but it would have been nice if the author had got a physicist (or even an electrician) to check that the behaviour of "normal" objects would be vaguely believable.

The author's apparently written other novels in the same style. I'll keep an eye out for more second-hand; I don't think it's quite good enough to merit buying new.