2004-03-14 · in Books, The Pendragon Cycle · 133 words

Fantasy, based on the Atlantis and Arthurian legends. Apparently the first of a series, although I haven't seen any more and I'm somewhat disinclined to read further anyway.

The author's got a few nice ideas — I particularly liked the bulldancers — but the writing style's really clumsy (dialogue especially), and I didn't feel by the end of the book that I'd really got to know — or to care about — any of the characters.

This book wins a few points for having a pronunciation guide at the start, which meant I didn't go through it mispronouncing names. If you've read any of Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series, you'll be able to spot a few characters that the two series have in common (since they both use the Arthurian legend as source material).