2004-02-28 · in Books · 152 words

Another collection of approximately-SF short stories by the same author, many of which I remember reading before.

Some of the stories are particularly memorable. "Death Watch" is approximately the scene in the bunker at the start of the movie "Wargames"; "Jupiter Laughs" explores what might have happened if Joseph and Mary hadn't made it to Bethlehem. Some, like "The Doomsday Story" and "The Brain Child", are good examples of SF humour.

The author's got quite a distinctive, jokey style that shows through even in the more serious stories. It's a pity that the book is very obviously a product of the Cold War, and hasn't dated very well. I'd certainly like to read more by him, and I'm fascinated to know how "The Brain Child" was made into a film as the back cover claims...

(Update: Robert Young found the film and pointed me at it -- it's The Invisible Boy.)