This recipe came from Moof:

This has become a standard potato side dish at the Fivegeeks household, it's simple to make, and can normally be forgotten about while other things are cooking.

While I specify large white potatoes here, you can get with more or less anything that can hold its shape a bit. In Spain I tend to use large new potatoes, and I have also used unpeeled Anya potatoes and other interesting varieties. Also, I tend to use extra virgin olive oil for the flavour, but a more refined oil will do just as well, or even a flavourless one.

Serves four

Peel and cut the potatoes into large cubes or thick chips. Chop the onions into strips. Put the whole lot into a saucepan or casserole. Sprinkle the cumin seeds and salt over it, and drizzle a very generous amount of oil into the pan - about two or three tablespoonfuls. Cover the pan and put on medium-to-low heat.

Stir the stoj occasionally, so that it doesn't get burnt. It'll be ready when the onion is transparent, and the potato can be pushed apart with a wooden spatula.