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I started out thinking that a little IRC bot that was a limited 80s-style BASIC interpreter would be fun: 10 print "hello world" and so on. You'd have to implement limits on CPU time (say, kill the program after a second), amount of output (limit it to a line of output) and memory space (don't allocate more than 1K of memory). People would probably want to be able to save their programs and load them again later. But it then occurred to me that this would actually be useful if you could program it to do IRC things: for instance, if you gave it a msg command that sent a private message to the original user and a sleep command that caused it to sleep until a given time, then you could use it to implement various sorts of flexible reminder bot. You could even make it bind commands to programs, so basic, remind +90m washing would run the "remind" programs with the other arguments in an array. Ideally, you'd be able to run multiple programs at once so that several people could have reminder-like things going.