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I read several web comics, and I've built a (fairly kludgy) tool to watch for changes and list them in RSS feeds. Since I quite often want to easily browse back through the history of a comic, and the provided web interfaces aren't usually very good, it would be nice to have an OO library that would provide me with a consistent interface to comics, allowing me to list the individual comics available, move back and forth in their history, grab the images for a particular comic, and so on. This is easier than it looks, since frequently all the comics from one hosting company (such as Keenspace) will use the same web interface, URLs and so on.

I've since rewritten my kludgy tool as rsscomics, and it's a bit better, but doesn't support anything other than the latest comic. dailystrips does a similar job, but still isn't really flexible enough. Dosage, on the other hand, looks pretty much like what I described above; thanks to Piet Delport for suggesting it.