Alex Meaden wrote to say that he remembered using the Rediffusion service in the mid-1980s on St. Stephen's Road with a wall-mounted selector box, and that it was also available on Salisbury Road, where a padlocked Rediffusion cabinet marking the boundary between houses with built-in Rediffusion and houses with external wiring still survives. The system had certainly closed down by the early 1990s.

Salisbury Road junction box

Martin Tapsell reports that the Cloisters flats in King Street were fitted with Rediffusion when they were built in 1976.

Simon McGaughey remembers watching Churchill's funeral on 405 line Rediffusion in St. Stephen's Road in 1965, and a later upgrade to 625 lines with BBC1, BBC2 and Southern ITV; in 1971 he moved to Ethelbert Road which also had Rediffusion with cabling running along the back of the house. He recalls the Rediffusion shop on Burgate.

Nic Ayling grew up in Canterbury in the 1970s and used Rediffusion at Artillery Gardens and St. Peter's Grove. He also remembers the Rediffusion showroom on the corner of Burgate and Longmarket, and the regional head office on the Wincheap industrial estate.