Analog magazine -- both US and UK versions thereof.

"Analog", December 1976

2013-07-30 · in Books, Analog · 5 words

Not grabbed by anything here.

"Analog", August 1963

2013-07-30 · in Books, Analog · 26 words

Fairly typical 60s SF -- good enough but nothing spectacular. Cringeworthy editorial by John W. Campbell. This was the last issue of the UK version of Analog.

"Analog", July 1963

2013-07-28 · in Books, Analog · 13 words

All good stories, especially "Something Will Turn Up" and "With No Strings Attached".

"Analog", May 1963

2013-07-27 · in Books, Analog · 8 words

I particularly liked "Philosopher's Stone" and "Subversive" here.

"Analog", April 1963

2013-07-24 · in Books, Analog · 11 words

I liked: "Blind Man's Lantern", "And Devious The Line Of Duty".

"Analog", June 1963

2013-07-21 · in Books, Analog · 21 words

This one's much more cheerful. Cover story "Code Three" by Rick Raphael -- about police on a future superhighway system -- is excellent.

"Analog", February 1977

2013-07-20 · in Books, Analog · 28 words

What an incredibly depressing set of stories. The late 70s might have been a prosperous time for America, but it was clearly inspiring dystopic thinking among SF authors...