Download: onenetd-1.11.tar.gz (65K, released 2005-03-07)
Signature (about); SHA1 92fcc4e07ec67d460bb64bba8302a77ebf6edc67

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About onenetd

onenetd is a single-server inetd for POSIX-style operating systems, similar to Dan Bernstein's tcpserver or courier-tcpd from Courier-IMAP.

onenetd allows you to limit the number of concurrent connections, refusing further connections with a configurable message — this can be used, for example, to limit connections to busy FTP servers. (onenetd was used by the UK Mirror Service's FTP servers between 2002 and 2012, serving millions of connections in that time.)

The included manual page describes all of onenetd's options. I'm aware the name is hard to spell and pronounce; feel free to suggest a better one!

Mailing list

There is a mailing list for onenetd users and developers, upon which new versions of onenetd are announced and discussed.