Adam's Transpose-O-Matic: Show me this song

"The Big Lie That Solves Everything",
  by Scott Andrew LePera <>
From the EP "American Thing" and the album "Where I've Been"
Licensed under the Creative Commons nc-by-sa 2.0 license
Transcription by Adam Sampson <>

Key: G


G               C                Am7 C
  this song and dance is getting old
G            C                A    C/D
  not just repeating what I'm told
G               C                          Am7
  a friend of a friend told me once, don't believe
                    C                           G
  anything that you hear, only half of what you see
                     C                 A7
  it's a small town, it's a big sound, like you never heard
  and you've always had your way with words

          Am7          C/D
  and the big lie that solves everything
     G                 D
  is hanging upon your lips again
        Am7          C/D
  and I see how everything I've been saying's
         G                D
  coming back to haunt me in the end
        Am                C               G    G/C Am G/C
  and I don't know if I'm ready for this again

  I know it's only in my head
  not really hearing what you said
  put an ear to the ground, put the words in my mouth
  all the sideways looks never mattered until now
  it's a long ride, it's a downside, it's what it's all about
  and I think that you better sit this out

[chorus, ending:]
        Am                C               F
  and I don't know if I'm ready for this again
  woah, no, no
  woah, no, no
  woah, no, no

  I never thought you'd be so bold
  not just repeating what I'm told, woah, no
  if I had more cash would you still turn away?
  if I had better friends would that convince you to stay?
  if I showed some ambition would you come back today?
  no, it wasn't supposed to end this way

[chorus, ending:]
        Am7               C
  and I don't know if I'm ready
        Am7               C              G
  no, I don't know if I'm ready for this again