Adam's Transpose-O-Matic: Show me this song

"One Sure Thing", by Scott Andrew LePera <>
From the album "The Sandalwood Sessions" and the EP "Demos 2004"
Licensed under the Creative Commons nc-by-sa 2.0 license
Transcription by Adam Sampson <>

Key: D

Em A G D
Bm Em G D
Em A G D
Bm Em G D

A Bm       Bm/F#     G     A
  blind confusion is in my mind
A Bm           Bm/F#    G 
  I'm shaken but fasci--nated
A Bm           Bm/F#   G      A
  this outcome we have yet to find
  but I'm not holding back this time
  this wound has not bled for ages
  so why don't you and I just
  sneak up, sneak up on it while it's sleeping

A      Bm        G      A
 room enough for both inside

Em          A           G        D
  yeah with me it's the same old story
Bm       Em      G        D
  always pulling farther away
Em          A            G        D
  but all I want is just one sure thing now
Bm      Em        G          D
  never changing, always the same

  misdirection, spinning down
  under your skin, underground
  now we'll see what friends your monster has made
  your stepfather, your teacher from 3rd grade
  maybe I've spent too long thinking
  on all these wounds that cut so deep
  maybe this time we'll talk 'til morning comes
  maybe this time we'll finally get some sleep


A - Bm G
A - Bm G
A - Bm GM7

  I change colors, I change clothes
  change my mind too often I suppose
  I change my name and I change shape
  any change I make is good enough for me



Em A G D
Bm Em G D
           Em  A G D
always the same
Bm Em G D