Adam's Transpose-O-Matic: Show me this song

"Cast The Net Wide", by Scott Andrew LePera <>
From the album "Where I've Been"
Licensed under the Creative Commons nc-by-sa 2.0 license
Transcription by Adam Sampson <>

Key: A

This is capo 3 on the guitar.


          A          D     A
I see the red winged eagle flying
    A                D          E
and disappear in the hot desert sun
            A             D       A
sometimes I wish that was my soul up there
             F#m           D       E
borne on the wings of some perfect love
now this river is not like the city
water rolls, running deep, running still
and in my blood there's a yearning for changing
and in my heart a hope a song can fill

              F#m                 E
sometimes the words don't come so easy
              A            D     D/Db D/B D/A
sometimes the words, yeah, trip my    tongue

E            A
cast the net wide, love
E          F#m
  bring me in
D            A
cast the net wide, love
      D    A/Db  E
  let me begin  again
D            A
cast the net wide, love
E             F#m
  and pull me in
D A/Db E        A   E       D
o-oh,  cast the net wide

It's a sin, so much time spent for money
so many dreams left behind, left to starve
and all you want is a reason for breathing
in between you, what you must do, and what you are

sometimes the words, they hold no answer
sometimes the answer is not what you want


[guitar solo over instrumental chorus, without the D at the end]

sometimes the words (sometimes the words),
they come unravelled (they come unravelled)
sometimes the only (sometimes the only) way is down

E            A     E  F#m
cast the net wide
D            A          DM7
cast the net wide, love
E            A     E  F#m
cast the net wide
D A/Db E E/D E
oh-oh  oh-ohhhhhh...


             E     D
cast the net wide