Adam's Transpose-O-Matic: Show me this song

"Brickyard Bend", by Scott Andrew LePera <>
From the album "Where I've Been"
Licensed under the Creative Commons nc-by-sa 2.0 license
Transcription by Adam Sampson <>

Key: Bm

"one, two, three, four"

D/F# G A --
Bm A G --
Em F#m G -- Gsus2 G

     Bm         G       A
they closed the foundry down
and with it came the town
                G           A
so long ago but I remember, I recall
    Bm       G         A
the day they closed it up
hung the sign out in the front

with the old grey river
G             A
rolling over, rolling on

    Em                  Bm
and what could heal our fathers' hearts
    Em       F#m        Asus4 A
our fathers' hearts lay broken

D          G
  hey yeah, alright
  best not to look behind now
Bm         A
  hey yeah, alright
  it's gonna cost you sometime
Bm         A
  hey yeah, alright
  best better look behind now
Em         F#m      G    Gsus2 G
  hey yeah, alright

that brickyard bend that I know
from childhoods long ago
broken bottle playground I remember, I recall
our rusted swingset dream
in the shadows of the trains
summer daylight streaming
rolling over, rolling on

and what of this was left for us
what's left for us is nothing


[intro, sung as "na na na, da da da, da ah ah, ah ahhhh"]

we left our company there
and set off for somewhere
not long ago but I remember, I recall
we live here still today
in New York and LA
and midwestern skies keep
rolling over, rolling on

and what could fill our children's hearts
our children's hearts lay open


alright, na na na


alright now
Em          F#m      G
  hey yeah, alright, alright now
Em          F#m     Gsus2
  hey yeah, alright