Adam's Transpose-O-Matic: Show me this song

"At The Airport", by Scott Andrew LePera <>
From the (undated) demo version
Licensed under the Creative Commons nc-by-sa 2.0 license
Transcription by Adam Sampson <>

Key: F


Gm Bb F Dm
Gm Bb C

   F                         Bb          F
  Another seven-thirty-seven rumbles overhead
              Dm           Bb                  Csus4
  And they're always close enough to shake the walls
      F                          Bb                F
  And I already know you haven't heard a word I've said
           Dm              Bb                                C
  Over the din of breaking picture frames and china down the hall
      Dm                                  Bb
  And even though it's been like this for years
    Dm                                Bb                   C
  I never tire of sweeping up all the things that keep you here
           C         Dm          Bb       F
  But it's over your head to get over yourself
                             F/E  Dm
  A thousand souls go flying once again
      Gm                 C               F    Fsus2 Bb C
  And still you wouldn't want to be like them

  You are the richest convict I have ever known
  And you're serving out your term in golden cuffs
  I won't pretend that it's not easier alone
  But it's all there for the taking; what you have is good enough
  And your world is only five square miles
  The summer always seems to last twice as long as now
  But it's over your head to get over yourself
  When everything familiar's gone away
      Gm             C                F    Fsus2 Gm Bb F Dm Gm Bb C
  And still I can't imagine why you'd stay

  And I am thinking of you as I go to take my seat
  And through the window I can see the wing
  And I can spy your rooftop as the landing gear retreats
  And I wonder if my leaving here is breaking anything
  And the unrepentant sun beats down
  On old abandoned swimming pools and the tracks outside of town
  But I'm over your head, I'm over myself
  It's something you could never understand
      Gm              C               F
  And I'll be sure to call you when I land
       Gm              C
  Yes, I'll be sure to call you
         Gm    Bb C F
  When I land